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Your bathroom is your oasis and where many hours of your life are spent. Do you want more out of your space? Do you want to increase the size? Or maybe you want better lighting? VESTA REMODELING welcomes the opportunity to work with you to make your bathroom remodel come to fruition cleanly and easily. Over two decades of bathroom remodeling brought to you in an instant!

Our bathroom remodeling service includes:

  • Walls: Need more space? Let us add that extra room for you by moving a wall or two out or removing a wall.

  • Fixtures: Perhaps you just want a more updated look. VESTA REMODELING is happy to assist in choosing fixtures that enhance the look and feel of your bathroom. Or maybe you’ve always wanted a more functional sink that is better placed, we can aid with this quickly and easily.

  • Tile: As you know tile selection can be overwhelming and sometimes confusing. There are so many choices. What tile is meant for what type of space? The choices, at times, can seem endless. Let us help you. Once you have narrowed down the look and the feel VESTA REMODELING can get you to where you want go.

  • Stonework: Stone is not only one of the sturdiest of sturdy materials, it gives a beautifully uniqueness to any bathroom. Shower walls, bathtub surrounds and sinks alike all look amazing when done in stone.

  • Lighting: Having the best lighting options possible in your bathroom is of utmost importance. Shadows in the wrong direction can change how you look in your own mirror. VESTA REMODELING knows all the little tricks that help you achieve the best lighting possible.

  • Utilities: This can be a tricky area. VESTA REMODELING thinks through absolutely every scenario of your utilities to ensure you bathroom is in perfect working order for years to come.

  • Bathroom Renovation: Does your bathroom need to be freshened up? We can go through and figure out the small details that will change the look of your bathroom instantly.

VESTA REMODELING offers made-to-order bathroom remodeling. We are happy to bring you ideas from our wealth of knowledge to fit your specific needs. Our outstanding craftsmanship will go a long way in a small room such as a bathroom.

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