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So many memories made alongside those delicious meals you make! This is where you gather. This is where you attempt new brave tastes and flavors. Why not make your kitchen a place where you enjoy it exactly how you want it? Kitchen Remodels add appeal and if you ever want to sell, the remodel only adds value to your home. Although a significant investment, it’s one worth making. Not only do you get the kitchen you’ve always wanted, you update the ease of use.

VESTA REMODELING options include the whole spectrum of remodels:

  • Design: VESTA REMODELING works closely with you and your architect, engineer or interior designer to change the entire layout of your kitchen. This will ensure the best use of space for your overall floor plan and the most visually pleasing to your eye.

  • Walls: Need more space in your kitchen? VESTA REMODELING can move walls, widen openings or create new walls to extend your kitchen out further for more room. It’s all up to what and how you want it!

  • Cabinets: VESTA REMODELING can bring significant improvement to your existing cabinets with a variety of methods such as stains, paints or as simple as updated hardware. Another options is we get your very specific desires and install new custom cabinets that change the look and feel of your kitchen immediately.

  • Counter-tops: We offer many counter-top options. Depending on how and what you use your counter-tops or counter space for, VESTA REMODELING gives you options so you can determine the one that fits your needs just right.

  • Appliances & Fixtures: We are no stranger to assisting in finding the perfect appliances and fixtures for your kitchen and install them for you.

  • Utilities – VESTA REMODELING works with the best of the best when it comes to utility hookups. We can have your utilities adjusted as needed through the entire project.

  • Flooring: Tired of your floors, do they need to be updated? We offer any variety of flooring possible, any kind of hard wood flooring, tile such as ceramic, porcelain, marble or stone. Or if you prefer laminate or marmoleum, VESTA REMODELING has you covered!

  • Kitchen Rejuvenation: Are you are happy with your current kitchen foot print, but you want to give it a face-lift? Let us bring fresh life to your kitchen so it feels new again!

The benefit of VESTA REMODELING having over two decades of expertise in kitchen remodels means we understand the unforeseen challenges and issues that, without this level of experience, may be overlooked. This means we can stick to your timeline and most importantly your budget. We also change with you as you go. Sometimes you may believe you want something a particular way, but when you see it, you change your mind. We do not shy away from such changes. We want you to have the kitchen remodel of your dreams, so we change with you!

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